About PanaGenius

PanaGenius is a digital media company that speaks authoritative to the new Black America: Multi-ethnic. Educated. Curious. and Enterprising. Leveraging our national reach, we inform, empower and connect these audiences through content, technology and events. We are uniquely positioned in and around the conversation on diversity & inclusion, and continue to have an immersive conversation with our audience, speaking to them authoritatively about their lifestyle, and partnering with brands that understand and embrace the cultural truths shaping their personal choices and business needs.

Why Sponsor the 30 Black Stars

The 30 Black Stars initiative seeks to advance diversity and inclusion, and foster meaningful dialogue on how corporations can harness the full potential of Black professionals and business leaders for innovation and global competitiveness. It is an opportunity to drive value, brand awareness and engagement for your brand within the African-American community.

We invite you to join us in celebrating outstanding Black achievers in both the corporate and business sectors and promote your brand as as D&I advocate and thought-leader.

As a partner, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Gain insights and solutions for how your organization can effectively recruit, retain, and engage Black talent
  2. Meet, Engage and Learn from our dynamic network of professionals and corporate executives
  3. Recognize outstanding Black talent within your company
  4. Participate in empowering discussions around diversity and inclusion and connect with other business leaders with a shared vision
  5. Drive awareness and engagement for your brand within the African-American community
  6. Collect and gain insights to inform your business and D&I strategies
  7. Promote your company to an engaged and affluent multi-ethnic audience

For more information or to request our sponsorship deck, please contact Annie at Amills@f2fafrica.com.