Dethra Giles


Introducing the phenomenal force of talent, empowerment, and transformation – Dethra Giles, a powerhouse in the realms of leadership, performance optimization, DEI, and personal development. With an unwavering dedication to igniting the potential within individuals and organizations, Dethra has become an iconic figure in the world of DEIB, coaching, and transformation.

Born with an innate passion for unleashing greatness in others, Dethra’s journey has taken her worldwide, transforming individuals, teams, and organizations. Her relentless pursuit of excellence led her to acquire a remarkable array of formal education and tangible work experience, earning her the label “University tested and industry-approved.” With a diverse academic background, she holds advanced degrees in business administration, organizational development, and conflict management, providing her with a profound understanding of human behavior, organizational structure, and the intricacies of effective leadership.

As a trailblazer and thought leader, Dethra has impacted countless lives through her dynamic coaching and transformative programs. Her unparalleled ability to connect with individuals and teams on a deep, personal level has enabled her to unlock their true potential, unleashing a wave of success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Dethra’s wisdom and expertise extend across various industries and sectors, from corporate giants like LVMH and the NBA to budding entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. Her insights into the ever-evolving landscape of leadership, diversity, and inclusion have made her a highly sought-after speaker, consultant, and facilitator on the global stage.

Beyond her impressive professional achievements, Dethra’s warm and empathetic nature sets her apart. She is a true advocate for empowering marginalized voices, championing equity, and fostering inclusive environments where everyone can thrive. Her unwavering commitment to promoting diverse and inclusive cultures has earned her recognition as a beacon of inspiration and change.

As an author, Dethra’s writings provide a roadmap for personal and professional growth, offering practical tools and strategies to overcome challenges, embrace change, and reach unprecedented heights of success.

Dethra’s impact transcends traditional boundaries as she innovates and revolutionizes the coaching and leadership landscape. With an unwavering determination to leave an indelible mark on the world, she has developed groundbreaking methodologies that challenge the status quo and propel individuals and organizations toward greatness.

In summary, Dethra Giles is an influential figure, an empowering force, and a catalyst for change. Her infectious energy, profound insights, and unwavering commitment to human development have made her a guiding light for those seeking to unlock their full potential. Through her transformative work, Dethra Giles has become an icon, leaving an enduring legacy as a trailblazer in the realms of DEI, leadership development, and personal growth.

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