Edwige A. Robinson

SVP of Network Engineering & Operations

Edwige A. Robinson is a transformational leader, speaker, and distinguished innovator and visionary, who deftly uses engineering, technology, and her business expertise to bring the future to the present for her team and her customers.

Edwige started her career in Technology as a Field Technician, walking the pavement and climbing rooftops across Washington, DC. From this beginning, she understood that she could impact customer experience, learned the power of strategic planning, and sought out every opportunity to learn and mold her craft. On those rooftops, she began to cultivate the industry leader she would become.   

Today, Edwige is the Senior Vice President of Network Engineering & Operations and Transformation of the Central Region at T-Mobile US. She oversees a vast territory spanning 23 states, commanding a multi-billion-dollar P&L, and leading an immense team, comprising a vast number of individuals, entrusted with the design, construction, and upkeep of a state-of-the-art 5G network, while concurrently driving operational excellence. Her tireless efforts play a crucial role in providing an unparalleled 5G experience to T-Mobile’s 110 million customers nationwide.

As part of her leadership, she works across the business to co-create strategy with the Presidents of Consumer Market, T-Mobile for Business, and Customer Service, to ensure that the network enables sustainable growth, closes the digital divide and supports emerging AI products and technologies. She also works with executive leaders across industries including health, transportation, sports, and the US Government, to deploy connectivity, coverage, and speed to venues and businesses across the country worth Millions of dollars annually. Reporting to the President of Technology, she has the ear and the respect of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Previously, she spent more than 26 years in leadership roles at U.S. companies including Hughes Networks Systems, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, NBC Universal.

Across an ocean and a vast cultural divide—Edwige was fueled by faith, her family, and a steely resolve to believe what’s possible.  Growing up in Cote D’ivoire, life was not easy. Two hours each way to school and often not enough to eat.  Driven by the knowledge that she was more than what her reality dictated,  that drive led her to a new continent, a new language, and a new life. Today, Edwige is a celebrated and sought-after leader in the industry and a visible role model who inspires the next generation of women in the Tech space. Her work has been recognized in the UK, Dubai, Italy, and across the African Continent.  

From low-wage positions and graveyard shifts, Edwige rose to become a global leader in technology and a living example of what is possible. Edwige’s intersectionality of race, gender, and being an immigrant, makes her ascension in technology “rare air”. She is living proof that with the right mentors, guidance, and courage, anything is achievable. Her passion for service is what has led her to serve on boards of organizations that invest in providing STEM education to underserved communities and supporting the lives of young Black girls. 

Edwige has earned numerous awards and recognitions including:

One of Top 50 women In Technology in 2022.
One of the Top 5G Leaders by Mobile Magazine.
One of Top 100 women In Technology, by March8.
One of the most Influential Voices & Brands in Who’s Who in 5G by Onalytica.
Aleria Tech recognized her as one of the “Awesome Black Women Everyone Should Know”.

This summer, her book, Believe It’s Possible will be released. It’s a story of hope, enacting courage, leadership, and helping others understand what’s possible in their own lives. 

Edwige lives in the Chicago area with her husband and is the mother to 4 amazing sons.


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